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Maintenance Plumbing

  Regular plumbing maintenance can keep your home’s plumbing system  working properly all year. Plumbing maintenance takes only a little time  and it will help minimise plumbing problems that will require more time  and money to repair in the future. 

Drain Clearing And Camera Investigation

 With the latest in Drain clearing Technologies we can make short work of  Blockages and Tree Roots. Once the Drain is running the way it should we can send a Camera down there to find what caused the problem or Locate any Damaged Drains. 

Hot Water Service Replacements

 Don't Battle with Short cold showers Call us today to talk about the options Available to you for replacement or even changing hot water systems to better suit your needs. 


 From Start to finish Solid Plumbing Solutions (Vic) can Assist you in making your Renovation dreams come true. Bathrooms to Kitchens and even the Laundry sink what ever you need to make your space more workable we have the solution for you. 

Roof Leaks And Repairs

 Do you have a wet spot on the floor and not quite sure how it got there? When you get tired of replacing the bowls under the drip from the ceiling give us a call we are more than happy to take a look for you and these days there are many different cost effective ways we can stop roof leaks. 

Appliance Installations/Repairs

 Whether Renovating or you're just sick of being cold in the middle of winter when it comes to appliance swap overs or new installations one call can put an end to all your troubles. 

Fire Service Testing And Repairs

 It is required by Law that you have your Fire Service Tested regularly for the safety of all.  


 Whether you want to water the Grass in the Back yard Or grow Crops at  a massive scale We can help you Design your Project and Follow Through on a time line that works for you. 

Leak Dectection

 Are you worried there may be problems with a water pipe inside your walls ? Do you have mould or other nasty growths dwelling in areas inside your home or office?
Using  Audio Leak detection or thermal imagining we can pin point these problems and work on a solution.   

Drainage, Septic Tank/Pump well, Stormwater Detention/Retention Systems

 From Collecting water with Aggie drains to Holding water on site even treating water on site Solid Plumbing Solutions has got the Experience and Equipment to get the job done. Call us Today  

Excavation Hire

 Levelling Dirt? Loading Trucks? Maybe doing some Landscaping? Solid Plumbing Solutions offers the option for DRY HIRE of excavators or even Excavators with a Licensed Experienced Operator . Machines Range from a small 1.7 tonne mid 3.5 or large 13.5 tonne capacity.